Closures for beauty products are now a snap!

Carow Packaging is the first and exclusive North American company to offer a line of six, stock range caps that snap on to existing 28-410 or 28-PCO preforms. Combine aesthetics and functionality with the sleek Campana cap. Also available in optional bi-color.

  • Dispensing Type: Flip Top
  • Neck Finish: 28-410 or 28-PCO
  • Sealing System: Plug Seal
  • Orifice: 5mm
  • Color: Custom color or choose from stock

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Part Number
Product NameColorCap DiameterCap HeightTextureMinimumLocation
2-03172Campana Flip TopColor TBD28PCOTBDCarow
2-03173Campana Flip TopColor TBD28PCOTBDCarow
2-03174Campana Flip TopBi-Color TBD28PCOTBDCarow
2-03187Campana Flip TopColor TBD28410TBDCarow
2-03210Campana Flip TopColor TBD28410TBDCarow
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SnapPET Bottles

SnapPET Bottles

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