Vertical Droppers

Vertical Dropper inserts are the best choice for drop dispensing oils.

One product orifice and one air orifice allow drops to dispense from glass bottles with a Hydro-static action. Five different orifice sizes insure the correct flow rate for your product. Pair with Regular, Tamper-Evident, Push-Turn, or PT/TE caps for a complete system.

  • Assemble the Vertical Dropper insert to the cap at the factory to achieve capping in one step.
LDPE construction

The best choice for drop dispensing oils.

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Part Number
Product NameColorCap DiameterCap HeightTextureMinimumLocation
2-03051Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-03052Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-03053Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-03054Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-03055Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-18146Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-18242Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-18243Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-18244Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-18245Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-18246Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
2-18247Vertical DroppersNaturalTBDCarow
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