Green dropper bottles make your products unique! Not spray-coated! These are feeder glass green and won't peel off.

Whether using Regular, Tamper-Evident or Push-Turn caps, all Green Dropper Bottles feature an 18 GL neck designed to accommodate our EuroDrop system. One cap size fits all! Bottle ranges from 5 ml to 30 ml. 5 ml and 15 ml in stock.

  • 5 ml and 15 ml in stock
  • Neck size: 18 GL (with tamper-evident transfer bead).
  • Type III glass.
  • Packing: shrink wrapped in cardboard case
  • Asian manufacturing.

Green dropper bottles make your products unique!

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Part Number
Product NameColorCapacity ccCapacity ozNeck DiameterNeck HeightMinimum
4-19041Green Dropper BottleGreen15 ml0.50oz18GLTBD
4-19043Green Dropper BottlesGreen5 ml0.17oz18GLTBD
4-19046Dropper BottleGreen10ml0.34oz18GLTBD
4-19048Dropper BottleGreen30ml1.00oz18GLTBD
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