Protect your products with Amber Dropper Bottles.

Amber Dropper Bottles offer superior ultraviolet light protection in the critical range of 400 to 700 nm. Amber Dropper Bottles produced in Europe and the USA feature precision manufacturing and quality to insure that you receive a clean and properly formed bottle. Bottles produced in Asia offer and economical option. All Amber Dropper Bottles feature an 18 GL neck designed to accommodate our EuroDrop system. Many sizes in stock.

  • Capacity options: 5 ml to 200 ml.
  • Neck size: 18 GL (with tamper-evident transfer bead).
  • Type III glass.
  • Packing: All are shrink wrapped in a module.
  • European, US and Asian manufacturing.

Amber-the industry standard, inventoried and ready to ship 5 ml. to 60 ml., with additional capacitites available.

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Part Number
Product NameColorCapacity ccCapacity ozNeck DiameterNeck HeightMinimum
4-03281Amber Dropper BottleAmber60ml2.00oz18GLTBD
4-16001Amber Dropper BottleAmber5ml0.15oz18GLTBD
4-16002Amber Dropper BottleAmber10ml0.39oz18GLTBD
4-16004Amber Dropper BottleAmber30ml1.0oz18GLTBD
4-16005Amber Dropper BottleAmber50ml1.69oz18GLTBD
4-16009Amber Dropper BottleAmber150ml5.07oz18GLTBD
4-16010Amber Dropper BottleAmber15ml0.50oz18GLTBD
4-16018Amber Dropper BottleAmber100ml3.38oz18GLTBD
4-16020Amber Dropper BottleAmber75ml2.51oz18GLTBD
4-19030Amber Dropper BottleAmber30 ml1.00oz18GLTBD
4-19037Amber Dropper BottleAmber10 ml0.34oz18GLTBD
4-19038Amber Dropper BottlesAmber15 ml0.51oz18GLTBD
4-19050Amber Dropper BottleAmber100 ml3.33oz18GLTBD
4-20163Amber Dropper BottleAmber200ml6.76oz18GLTBD
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